Founded in Trois-Rivières in 2009, Pinargon Ltd is an engineering/consultant firm that offers a complete range of engineering services, including project management in the field of telecommunications infrastructures.

Pinargon quickly built a solid reputation with its rigorous approach regarding the respect and needs of its clients and the quality of its services. Since its creation, the firm has been in constant expansion and now offers its services in Québec, Ontario and in the Maritimes. Pinargon’s client base consists of public organizations, private corporations, entrepreneurs and leading distributors of wireless communications services in Canada.

Benefitting from its employees’ talent, expertise and know-how, Pinargon offers its clients innovative and adapted solutions for the completion of their projects, as well as a proactive and efficient project management approach based on respect and co-operation.

In a constantly evolving field of expertise, Pinargon continues to grow by keeping the client at the core of its concerns and by constantly adapting to emerging technologies in the industry.


To support our clients in order to fully meet their needs and requirements by developing a sustainable partnership and by providing a team of passionate experts, with a high level of technical competence and know-how.

Pinargon aims to build the future by offering customized professional services of the highest quality, while respecting its clients, employees, and partners, as well as the environment, which we share collectively.



We think respect is vital for building healthy and sustainable relationships with our employees, clients and business partners.  For us, it is essential that our daily operations, activities, and actions be executed within an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.


For us, a strong work ethic is at the heart of our daily decisions and actions. We certify that, at all times, our personnel will conduct themselves as professionals always striving for excellence, and this, with coherence, discipline and sound judgment. We approach every situation with objectiveness and diligence in order to ensure the relevance and impartiality of our actions and decisions.


We operate ethically, objectively and with transparency. For us, it’s essential to remain independent and ethical in our decisions, choices and recommendations with respect to technical solutions, despite pressures to the contrary. We follow strict ethical and professional principles. We aim to gain the full confidence of our clients, business partners and employees.


We attribute the highest importance to the health and safety of our employees and make sure they perform their daily operations within a healthy and safe environment by applying the best practices in terms of health and safety. We integrate health and safety objectives into our techniques and expect our employees to act responsibly and accordingly. For us, not achieving this objective is unacceptable.


We are aware of the fragility of the environment that we all share and are conscious that we must contribute collectively towards its protection in order to allow current and future generations to maintain their quality of life. Therefore, we make sure that our operations, actions and chosen techniques are environmentally friendly and adopt an approach that protects the environment and promotes innovations to that end.


Since its creation, Pinargon has integrated the importance of its clients into its company culture and within its operational methods. For Pinargon, the client experience is imperative and is at the heart of its daily preoccupations.

During the course of its operations, Pinargon endeavours to fully understand the needs and concerns of its clients, to provide adapted services and to ensure client satisfaction throughout the journey with the company – even after services have been provided. Pinargon aims to build a sustainable relationship of trust with each of its clients and to offer them a personalised experience of the highest level of quality.

The client experience offered by Pinargon ensures a positive, refreshing and fluid business proficiency with a company that understands clients’ criteria of satisfaction. It is with this client experience that Pinargon wishes to establish customer loyalty.


Our management team consists of technical experts and veterans in their respective fields of expertise. They skillfully manage the company and their top priority is providing clients with value‑added engineering solutions that meet their needs.

Management team

Philippe Pinel, Eng.

CEO and Tower Director, Telecommunications

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Pascal Forget, Eng.

Building Director, Telecommunications

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Dany Toulouse, Eng.

Technical Director, Telecommunications

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Jonathan Millette

Inspections and Surveys Director, Telecommunications

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